Ad’s in Your Whatsapp Status: The Upcoming 2019 Whatsapp Update

Very soon your will be seeing Advertisements (Banner Ads, Video Ads, Flash Cards) in your whatsapp Status.

WAbetainfo a website which tracks and update latest upcoming features on their websites have reported the same.

Before Facebook acquired Whatsapp Inc, Whatsaap was a paid instant messaging service. Initially it offered free service for one Year and then after you had to buy the subscription at 1$ a year.

If you could remember before Facebook’s acquisition, On the whatsaap “Payment” option settings, there was a line says “Why we don’t serve Ad’s” therefore we charge minimal amount to provide you Ad free services.

After the acquisition, Facebook made it available to everyone for free but at private data stealing cost we were not aware of.

Whatsapp is also working on its new feature where you can preview videos in Notification pane for iOS only.

It is still the most used platform for messaging having billions of users around the globe.

In January 2018 it hi 1.5 Billion active users and kept growing exponentially till now with regular updates.

From business point of view, those 1.5 billion users can become potential customers if targeted ads used efficiently.

For users there is a million dollar question raised here: Will You continue using whatsapp as your default messenger with ads serving in your status?

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