Facebook Monetization Now in India: All the things You Should Know

Facebook for Creators now allow you to monetize your videos with “ad breaks” in India.

Similar to Youtube for Creators, Facebook for Creators will allow you to monetize your video content with ad breaks.

It was initially available for few countries, but now India has also joined the list for Facebook Monetization.

In this post we will cover all the things you should be knowing to monetize your “Page” on Facebook.

The Giant Social Media Networking website having 2.27 Billion users around the globe has planned to promote video content on its platform.

It will help Creators to Post their quality videos like they used to on YouTube.

To enable monetization, here are few things you should know about:

1. You have to have a Facebook Page.

2. Your Facebook Page must have atleast 10,000 Followers

3. Video length should not be less the 3 minutes and having atleast 1 minute watch time on it.

4. Copyright content cannot be posted on your FB page.

5. 55:45 Ad Revenue sharing ratio.

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