Now Control Your Child’s Phone Usage: Google Family Link For Parents App

Google Family Link For Parents is an app which allows you to restrict and Control your child’s phone usage by him.

Here are the Highlights:

1. Remotely Lock Your Child’s Decive

2. Manage Their app installation and un-install.

3. Live Location Tracking

4. Limit their screentime.

5. Manage Google Play Purchase

Just after the launch of India’s First “Safety” STAR phone for kids by Easyfone, Google has recently launched its official app“Google Family Link for Parents” which is now available in India.

You can directly download it from Google Play Store on your Smartphone.

Unlike, STAR phone you dont need to buy a seperate phone for kids, you can enable it on your kids Smartphone directly by installing this app.

You can control things like Screentime, apps installation and live time location tracking.

You can remotely lock your child’s device with this app.

Apart from these highlighted features the user interface is very simple and intuitive of this app.

You can see the interface in below screen shot.

It also helps you to manage your child’s purchases from Google Play.

Its not the first app under the same domain there are more popular and stable version are available like MMguardian Parent App.

However its impossible for your child to uninstall this app which is the best part.

In order to promote Healthy digital Life now a days Its not the first initiative taken by google.

Few days back Google also launched Digital Wellbeing app to limit your device usage with discipline.

Facebook also added a similar feature “Your Time on Facebook” like Youtube did it before.

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