Index Match Function in Excel in Hindi Simple and Easy- Better then Vlookup

Index match Function in excel is one of the most powerful lookup function of excel, It overcomes all the limitations of VLOOKUP Function in Excel. It is the combination of two function in excel.

Index Function and Match Function. Index Function have mainly two arguments first one is range i.e array and second one is column number or Row no.. Match Function unlike Index function having three arguments look up value, table array, and Match Type.

In VLOOKUP Function There are some limitations like you can look up rightwards only, Vlookup is case sensative, You cannot insert new column in table array etc. Index Match is faster then VLooKUP, in INdex MAtch you not need to count columns of the table array. It can look up vertically and horizontally also.

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What inspired me to make this video on Index Match Hindi in Excel?
I did see many videos on youtube on index match but they explained it as it is in the same language which you can find in help in excel. Secondly, Most of the videos tried to explain it simultaneously which is hard to grasp at once. because Index function brings value of target cell and Match Function brings number of the particular cell.

In this video I divided application of function in three parts. First I explained how Index Function works, Second I explained how Match function works and then I explained how the combination of index and match function works.

I did not just stop there, I also explained the limitations of VLOOKUP by applying it with INDEX MATCH side by side.

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7 thoughts on “Index Match Function in Excel in Hindi Simple and Easy- Better then Vlookup

  1. Hi can you post a video, how to make monthly MIS even more automated??
    How to automatically generate month to month column, simply by pasting trial balance etc

  2. very good teacher thank
    ap index match abs function bhi sat ma ana dan
    or ar ap apna whatsapp number bhi sand kar dayn thanks

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